The European ESTHER alliance Secretariat is a joint mechanism for the alliance’s development. It is based in Paris and receives financial support from the European ESTHER Alliance members to cover the coordinating and joint activities. The Secretariat provides logistical and technical support to organise joint meetings and events, favour networking and information sharing, develop external communication, set up joint projects and develop common tools. It also represents the European ESTHER Alliance, advocates towards new potential members and facilitates partnership and collaboration development between the Alliance and external actors.


Member States have mandated technical agencies or ministerial departments to set up programmes (GIZ in Germany, GIP ESTHER in France, NORAD and FK Norway in Norway, Irish Aid and Health Service in Ireland, SDC in Switzerland, Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality and AECID in Spain, DGPS and ISS in Italy, IPAD and AIDS National Coordination in Portugal, Hellenic AIDS and KEELPNO in Greece, LUX DEV in Luxembourg), THET in the UK.