Since its creation in 2002, the European ESTHER Alliance has strongly evolved, in respect to its health focus/mandate, its activities, its mode of action and its dimension. These evolutions led to a new European ESTHER Alliance business model that reflects member country development cooperation in health priorities and the development cooperation in health landscape 10 years after the launch of the ESTHER Initiative. It is in this context that the EEA members have adopted, in June 2012, a new Charter, that serves as a common reference framework for current and future ESTHER stakeholders.

EEA members considers that successful hospital and Institutional partnerships contribute in health system strengthening and sustainable development of human resources for health. Hospital partnership, as a Development Cooperation instrument, is a mechanism that provides a real added value to accompany a public health policy deployment in low income countries. The EEA experience indicates that respect of key principles and rules strongly optimize the quality of partnership and the impact of intervention. It is why the EEA members have adopted a specific Charter for Quality of Partnership, as a guiding document for current and future ESTHER partners, and any other stakeholder involved in hospital partnership.

European ESTHER Alliance Charters